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Welcome to our web site!

There are thousands of organizations, each with a specific purpose or goal. There are so many reasons why one should consider becoming part of an organization he or she believes in. By building an effective web site, we hope to get our message out to a larger audience of people interested in similar issues.

The lime light is odd but sometimes furnishing from every living creatures of the universe, where the vital forces exceed its powers, human beings does not.

TYRO GYN PHI SIGMA is a principle of brotherhood and sisterhood, young and yet old in ideology, the beginners and yet full of experience from a small community and now creating a wide nation of brotherly and sisterly love.

History encourages oneself to learn from the past, Being a Tyronian encourages oneself to learn what would be in the future.

Learn the pillars of life, God, Loyalty, Integrity, Service, Charity and being a friend for the human race, thus a blood of nobility will run into your veins, a blood of respect among others, a blood of brotherhood a TYRONIAN BLOOD.



      The history of the fraternity was traced back on October 7, 1987 when founder Bro. Poly “Gaga” Carpio perceived the rapid changes of the country after the 1986 EDSA Revolution (also referred to as the People Power revolution and the Philippine Revolution of 1986 and also Rosary Revolution) was a mostly nonviolent mass demonstration in the history of the Philippines which led to the downfall of the authoritarian regime of President Ferdinand Marcos and the installation of Corazon Aquino as president of the Republic. Moreover, the political progress was made in revitalizing democratic institutions and respect for civil liberties which led into the creation of TYRO GYN PHI SIGMA or otherwise known as THE BEGINNING OF GOODWILL FRATERNITY & SORORITY at the resident of Poly “Gaga” Carpio together with the Seven (7) Fathers in Baliwasan Chico, Baliwasan Grande, Zamboanga City.  The first original members or known as the seven (7) fathers (composed of Bro. Bing Bong Bernardo and six (6) others) of the fraternity were later on recognized as the founding members of the organization. The famous handshake of the fraternity was given meaning by the founder and its founding members during their first meeting at the house of Bro. Poly “Gaga” Carpio. A month later, the principles of the fraternity captured the minds and heart of the studentry of ZSAT, ZCNHS-West and Claret HS which later on became the core defense of the fraternity during the transition period from a small group into a full pledge organization.


      On 1988, saw the reverberation of ideals of the TYRO GYN PHI and escalated in all areas of Zamboanga City including Basilan Province as the first recorded chapter established outside the city. The succeeding year became the challenging part of the history of the fraternity when engaged with members of Black Eagle Fraternity at RT Lim Boulevard, Zamboanga City and it was the first recorded fracas of the fraternity. However, said incident has cemented the solidarity of the fraternity and signaled its advancement in terms of membership and popularity. That same year, the fraternity opened it door in accepting female members as part of expansion scheme of the fraternity in creating its counterpart, the sorority or better known as TYRO GYN SIGMA. On October 7, 1991, during the 4th anniversary celebration held at Zamboanga City Golf and Country Club, Upper Calarian, Zamboanga City, wherein the known ritual (burn) at the left upper shoulder was first imposed to some members of Chico Chapter (Mother Chapter) and Kawasa Chapter (Father Chapter) in order to distinguish the identities of fraternity members and later on inflicted to all members as self submission and sacred tradition of the organization. Likewise, on that same year, the Grand Council was created in order to supervise the overall activities of the organization and to act as internal – external organizer of the fraternity. Bro. Mariel Garganera was the first elected Grand Council and subsequently followed by Bro. Russell Muyuela on 1996.


      After the 5th anniversary celebration of the TYRO GYN PHI, the fraternity experienced some crisis in terms of identities with other older fraternities in Zamboanga City which later on created insinuation to the leadership of the organization to change the platform of the fraternity in a convening way to meet the highest standard of the organization. And likewise, rivalry with other established fraternities and societies remained a threat to the growing membership and popularity of the organization. Bro. Rommel Muyuela coordinated with the founder Bro. Poly “Gaga” Carpio regarding his intention to revise the password, slogan and motto being used by the organization to a more interactive and explicit approach. The founder gave his approval to the latter to take an initiative in revising the password. Because then, the fraternity’s password was exploited by the other rival fraternities. The new approved Password was immediately distributed to the resident members of ZCNHS and ZSAT and it was disseminated to other chapters to conform with the intention of the late founder Bro. Poly “Gaga” Carpio and Bro. Mariel Garganera, the then Grand Council “to make a difference out of other organization”.


       On January 16, 1997, the first designed logo of the TYRO GYN PHI was unveil at Remedios Street, Malate, Manila at the boarding house of Brod Dennis Dilao who was then enrolled at Technological Institute of the Philippines (TIP, Manila) and the brain in planning to establish a chapter in Manila area. The TRI-ARROW logo of the TYRO GYN PHI was the first official seal of the fraternity designed by Bro. Rommel Muyuela. The said design was shipped to Zamboanga City through Bro. Russell Muyuela who immediately published and distributed to other chapters for its immediate publication.


      Today, the TYRO GYN PHI SIGMA has a total of hundred chapters around the country and has lived with it prime motto of: “Every Tyronians, stand with its own feet, fight with its own hands, live and die with its own dignity”. 

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On this page, we may include pictures of our members or of the work we do.

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